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Application Manuals available under this section, cover CRM.COM R15 and onward. For manuals of older releases please visit CRM.COM Manuals - R14 

Are you ready for hardcore functionality? Read our Application Manuals to find out how configure and use each area of the system! Start by checking out the Understanding manual of each module to get an overall idea of how each module can be used.

CRM Application

The CRM Application offers complete CRM functionality that is easy to use and tightly integrated to your billing and reward processes, meeting your Customer Care, Sales, and Marketing needs 

Billing Application

The Billing Application supports both standard as well as innovative subscription & recurring billing models and provides multiple ready made billing templates

Rewards Application

Rewards provide merchants numerous Reward Offer options to award their loyal customers. Awards can be directly converted into cash value which can be consumed on specific products or places and at specific times, or with no conditions at the customer's discretion.

Foundation Application

The Foundation Application makes CRM.COM Software not just an application software but also a powerful platform by providing a set of utilities, integration adapters and extensive development tools

Finance Application

The Finance Application provides all the financial layers needed to guarantee billing results that can be revenue assured, traceable and complete whilst supporting innovative payment models such as wallets and vouchers

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